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Have you tried...Bounty of Natures Bee Pollen?

Established in 2011, Bounty of Nature is a delicious, ethically-produced, natural honey brand based in the UK.

Our delicious range of honey is sourced from the beautiful tropical jungles high in the mountains of Thailand's northwest region of Chiang Mai. But we do all our packaging and labelling here in England.

A lot of honey on the market is blended with lots of different honeys from different countries to help keep cost down. So next time you go shopping, make sure you look at the label. If its says: "blend of EC and Non EC" then there is a blend of different honeys.

Most honey in the UK is imported in from various European countries, as well as Argentina and China. However, our honey is sourced from only one region in the beautiful country of Thailand.

What makes our honey so different?

At Bounty of Nature, we are passionate about what we do. We only source unique, specialist honey from ethical, quality producers, so you can enjoy the most nutritional and health-giving honey. We have spent many loving hours, days and years sourcing and perfecting our honey, bringing you a quality product so you can enjoy every drop.

  • Our Euphoria Longana Honey, Honey with Royal Jelly and Honey with Propolis are all new to UK consumers
  • 100% pure honey and free from additives, preservatives, and sweeteners
  • From one floral source
  • Not blended with other cheap honey
  • Most importantly our honey tastes just divine and is pure goodness
  • Our honey has unique health giving properties
  • Harvested from Thailand's picturesque Northwest region of Chiang Mai
  • From only one ethical and trustworthy producer with over 30 years of successful history
  • Most importantly, our honey tastes just divine and is a source of pure goodness

Bounty of Nature: spreading the message about the wonderful benefits of natures most amazing and complete food

What is Honey?

So what is so amazing about honey? Well, this sweet, golden nectar is rich with natural wholesome goodness, a gift of nature that's produced from the intricate relationship between bees and flowers. Every drop of honey contains all the essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes necessary for sustaining a healthy life.

Honey possesses miraculous nutritional and medicinal properties, it has been used as a natural health giving food by cultures across the globe for thousands of years, proving honey is the a ultimate super food.

Bounty of Natures Honey

Where our honey is from

Widely regarded as the Rose of the North, the Chiang Mai region in Northwest Thailand is blessed with stunning natural beauty. Chiang Mai is situated on the Mae Ping River Basin, some three hundred meters above sea level, surrounded by a high mountain range. This beautiful region is mainly jungle and mountains, parts of which are within fertile, lush national parks filled with lovely tropical trees, plants and flowers.

Our love and tender care goes into each and every jar

How did Bounty of Nature come about?

"Bounty of Nature quite simply was born from the passion I have to help people improve their health and well being with natural foods and products. Like a lot of young women, I had some eating problems and honey played a major part in my well-being and recovery, now I want to tell the world how good honey is for everyone, young and old"

Aiysha Mirza, founder Bounty of Nature.

Our Packaging

Our labels were designed by designer Kath, who spent many long hard hours perfecting the look.